Our Sustainable Future

I am committed to delivering a greener and more sustainable future.

Our long-term green transition is far from simply a matter of reducing green-house gasses and improving biodiversity. Although of course centrally important, the region's future economy, jobs, skills, research and innovation are also inextricably connected to securing a greener and fairer world.

It is my view that through strong, innovative and collaborative leadership we can become a leading light in driving forward a restorative economy that takes seriously the challenges climate change presents whilst simultaneously taking hold of the very real opportunities the green industrial revelation offers us. 

However, unless our elected leaders are willing to tackle the issues head on and pioneer a way forward we cannot expect to deliver the change we all need. The last thing we need to secure our future is mudslinging politics or the methods of past politicians resurrected in the expectation of a different result.

 The Conservative Government have worked tirelessly in this area leading in decarbonisation and setting a clear strategy towards a carbon Net-Zero future; as well as pledging to protect our seas, deal with plastic pollution, safeguarding our biodiversity and improving the air we breathe. A flourishing environment is at the heart of modern conservatism and it is at the heart of my campaign for a brighter future for the West of England too.

 We must approach this from two broad perspectives; adaption and innovation. 

  1. Adaption is the challenge for us to do certain things differently. I will strengthen WECAs commitment to a green, just and affordable transition through a renewed and dedicated commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals as an integrated lens for decision making. This SDG lens will include everything from strategy to planning, transport and infrastructure preferences and planning. I will also continue to support initiatives such as the STEP Fusion bid, creating green energy for our region, as well as supporting initiatives to utilise tidal energy. 

We have a significant need to develop homes across our region and I will therefore prioritise brownfield regeneration, safeguarding our green spaces. As we develop our Special Develop Strategy I will prioritise low carbon and nature friendly building which enables people to live in union with our natural environment.

  1. My commitment to our region and indeed the planet is that under my leadership we will start taking the bold and innovative steps needed to safeguard our future.

We must support business to prepare for the future economy, provide the training future green jobs, build communities that safeguard our green spaces and make zero carbon transport a valid alternative to personal vehicles. 

I will launch the Build a Brighter World Award that will incentive innovations such as low carbon technologies and modern methods of construction.

I will support a programme of retrofitting our buildings so as to reduce their carbon footprint.

I will support tree planting and linear parks creating green corridors through our urban and rural areas utilizing our walking and cycle routes.

We are capable of leading the world in our environmental credentials and I am commitment to doing just that so that people, planet and profit thrive.